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Sunday, 4 Dec 2011

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
Objavio Grom, 4 Dec 2011

To all our friends and their loved ones, to acquaintances and visitors ASK Oposum heartily wishes Merry Christmas and with health, happiness and success filled Happy New Year!

Wednesday, 30 Nov 2011

Operation ''FALLOUT - PROLOGUE 2011''
Objavio Grom, 30 Nov 2011

The onset of winter, good organization and even better company is what has characterized this airsoft event. Organized by the ASK Kobra and held on 26th of November 2011., this airsoft event was also a great way for ASK Oposum to end this airsoft year.
With these event we completed five years of ASK Oposum existence, during which we participated at the 53 major events and organized 12 more... holidays are coming and it is time for our airsoft replicas to be silent for a while.
More information regarding the event, go to the forum ASK OPOSUM…LINK

Thursday, 22 Sep 2011

Objavio Grom, 22 Sep 2011

ASK Oposum organized their sixth in a row annual MILSIM airsoft event, held on 17th and 18 th of September 2011. in Sports and Recreation Center ‘’Kukavica’’. As in previous years, tradition of large numbers continues, so that this year MILSIM event ‘’SKOK 6’’ (eng. ‘’JUMP 6’’) included 236 players from nearly 20 clubs and teams and 25 members of the ASK Oposum. A large number of missions contributed to the dynamism of the event, and offered the players to forget about fatigue and not sleeping. Fatigue and pleasure on the faces of players after the event, give us the right to say that another ‘’SKOK 6’’ was successful...
We thank all participants and hope to see you next year in even greater numbers.

More information regarding the event, go to the forum ASK OPOSUM…LINK
go to the forum CAF (Croatian Airsoft Federation)…LINK

Sunday, 3 Jul 2011

Operation ''ROSIKA 4''
Objavio Grom, 3 Jul 2011

After a long pause, Zagreb bats have surprised everyone with excellent airsoft event. Although it was a one-day happening, this event offered a dynamic and high-quality game at the quality level of two-day events. This encounter took place on 11th of June 2011 at the ground near Popovec and it enabled to us to meet the new concept of a scenario in which the main goal was collecting raw materials called Rundofila and winning concessions. Because of this new scenario, the game was dynamic and the game result was uncertain until the end of the event. Eight ASK Oposum members attended this airsoft event, who returned home full of good impressions regarding the play as well as regarding the whole event. We would like to thank first and foremost ASK Zagreb for the trust and alos all airsoft players who attended this event. Greetings until next ''ROSIKA''...

More information regarding the event, go to the forum ASK OPOSUM…LINK

Tuesday, 21 Jun 2011

Operation ''MURPHY 2011''
Objavio Grom, 21 Jun 2011

This year 14 ASK Oposum members attended MIL-SIM event called Operation ''MURPHY 2011''. This airsoft event was organized by ASK Slavonija on 14th and 15th of May 2011 near Sibinj. Traditionally difficult terrain of ''FLAT SLAVONIA'' this year was no flatter, and an abundance of ticks and a ''chronic lack'' of mosquitoes failed to disrupt the pleasure of yet another well done event for members of ASK Oposum. The reason for this was certainly an independent ASK Oposum logistics battalion, codenamed TAPIR, which had constantly supplied ''opossum cubs'' whith a variety of delicacies ...

More information regarding the event, go to the forum ASK OPOSUM…LINK

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