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Tuesday, 28 Apr 2009

DEFCON-1 Slovenija
Objavio , 28 Apr 2009

Airsoft club Oposum again had the opportunity to promote Croatian Airsoft abroad. This time we were welcomed by colleagues from Korosko Airsoft Society (KAD) to MIL-SIM meeting DEFCON-1. The event was held on 28th March 2009 at Mislinjska Dobrava Gradec in Slovenia, and the event was attended by 103 Airsofters from several teams from Slovenia, and 7 members of ASK Oposum from Croatia. The meeting brought also together a very high quality and well-coordinated Slovenian teams / clubs, and the event was a very dynamic and well organized. On this occasion we would thank to our colleagues from the KAD for invitation on DEFCON-1.

Objavio , 28 Apr 2009

On March 14/15th 2009 MIL-SIM event "POSKOK II" was held under the organization of Airsoft Club Poskok. It was 24 hours MIL-SIM event on the island of Brac, 24 hours of game including a game during the night. On event POSKOK II a hundred Airsoft players from all over Croatia have participated. At this event also seven members of ASK Oposum participated. Oposum members have again turned back richer with new experiences and friendships, and with award from the event. All participants of the event agreed that this is one of the best organized Airsoft events in Croatia so far. We would like to thank Airsoft club POSKOK for excellent hospitality and organization!

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