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Monday, 1 Jun 2009

Objavio Grom, 1 Jun 2009

ASK Oposum is ritcher for a new event, new expirience and new friendships. This is forth event for ASK Oposum in May. We have proved again our quality in the Republic of Slovenia on the international MILSIM event REDFOR 2009 which was organized for third time by Airsoft club Section 8. The event took place from 30th to 31th of May 2009 in Bloke. A teams from Slovenia, Austria, Germany, Poland and Croatia participated in the event. All together with more than 80 players. REDFOR 2009 gave us again interesting scenario, quality and fair play game. We thank on good hospitality and good game to our coleques from S8 and looking forward to next event.

Sunday, 24 May 2009

Objavio Grom, 24 May 2009

On 24th of May 2009 Croatian airsofters showed their combat skills but also solidarity and simpathy in memory of tragicaly died colegue and airsofter Dario Ferencic.The event was organized by his close friend Akinnen and his team mates from Airsoft team „Sayaret Duvdevan“. The event took place in Klinca Sela (Jastrebarsko) and almost 100 airsofters from Croatia including 6 members of ASK Oposum participated in it. We thank to organizer on this humain gesture and looking forward to the next event and chance to help again.

Objavio Grom, 24 May 2009

Under organization of ASK Zrinski from Zagreb, the second Warsim event was held on 2nd and 3hd May 2009 on the terrain of Sljuncara near Michevac (Zagreb county). There were 16 clubs and teams from Croatia, and of course among those there were members of ASK Oposum. The event lasted 24 hrs non stop allowing complete freedom and creativity of players during of 24 hrs event. This was a simple but quality event where we come back from with usefull and experience full of pleasure. We thank ASK Zrinski for their hospitality and the rest of the clubs for the quality game and fun.

AFGHANISTAN 2009 Czech Republic
Objavio Grom, 24 May 2009

The Oposums have made a huge step not only for the ASK Oposum, but also for the Croatian airsoft in general. This time the Croatian quality has been recognized by the Czech colegues, So we participate on the MILSIM event which lasted 48 hours non stop. The event happened from the1st to the 3rd May 2009 in Czech Republic in Milovice. 400 airsofters from Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and 11 members of ASK Oposum from Croatia took part in the event. The topic was the current war in Afghanistan and a members of ASK Oposum were forces of US SOCOM. Besides the huge number of players the great novelty was the use of armored (APC) and other motor vehicles which took the quality of the game to a higher level.

We thank our colegues from 1.Mechanizovana Brigada from Milovica and looking forward to a new event.

Tuesday, 28 Apr 2009

The Croatian Airsoft Federation 31st March 2009...Congratulations!
Objavio , 28 Apr 2009

Finally that day has come... After a long time and a hard work, it payed off, because on 31st March 2009, HASS has become an official organization. It was registries in the Croatian register of associations. In the Federation there are the club founders of the HASS, among them ASK Oposum. All additional information you can found on the official HASS web page, All the best to all HASS members and keep up the good work...

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