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Thursday, 12 Aug 2010

Objavio Grom, 12 Aug 2010

In the island of Brač the third traditional milsim event „POSKOK 3“ was held from 20 to 21st March 2010 in organisation of AT Poskoci. As expected, the event gathered a large number of airsoft players from whole Croatia- precisely 134 of them. ASK Oposum also participated this event with a 5 number crew that gathered many positive experiences this year too. The event ended with deserved victory of a narco cartel led by Vlado from AU RIS, supported by other clubs and teams from Croatia, including ASK Oposum. The organiser rejustified his reputation of a good organiser and with a simple scenario offered well arranged bases, spledid terrains, pleasant company and great game.
However, ASK Oposum is surely richer for another quality event experience and is looking forward to meet again next year, hopingly in much larger number. Thanks to the organiser for the shown confidence and great meeting and to all airsoft players for participating the „POSKOK 3“ event.

Monday, 1 Mar 2010

Objavio Grom, 1 Mar 2010

Bad weather conditions, tough adversaries, challenging terrain and lots of dynamic game-play..... This sums up Grozny 3 in a nutshell. Our colleges from ASK Pannonija once again took the effort in making this years mil-sim game Grozny live up to the expectations of Croatian players. The event was held on the 20. of February 2010 on grounds of the ex PTF not far from Osijek. This years game also provided an interesting scenario, enriched with good LARP. Also and this year 17 members of ASK Oposum had again the privilege to participate at Grozny 3. In anticipation of the Grozny 4 event, we would like to thanks our colleges from ASK Pannonija for inviting Us and being a great host. Also, we would like to thank all other teams for their fair play till the end of the game.

Tuesday, 29 Dec 2009

Point on the letter i...
Objavio Grom, 29 Dec 2009

Just as the title is written, with Milsim event held on 20.12.2009 in place Sibinj is finally finished a busy year 2009 in proper way as it should be...with good company and good game. This was also the thirteenth event for the ASK Oposum in year 2009. This airsoft event was organized by the Airsoft club Slavonija, and was been invite only event. On this event has participated approximately 50 airsofter players from ASK Kobra, AU Ris, ASK Zrinski, ASK Slavonija and ASK Oposum. ASK Oposum has participated on this event with 14 players. Game scenario has offered a very dynamic game and fair play game which was embellished with real winter conditions. With this opportunity we would like to thank to all participants of this event for pleasant company and good game, and special thanks go to the excellent hosts and our good colleges from ASK Slavonija.

Sunday, 18 Oct 2009

International airsoft event SKOK 4
Objavio Grom, 18 Oct 2009

The biggest and most renowned airsoft event in Croatia, SKOK 4 , was held this year again by ASK Oposum from Bjelovar. The event it self was held from 19th to 20th of September 2009 at SRC Kukavica (Veliki Grdjevac) not far from Bjelovar. The 4th SKOK event gathered this year a large number of airsoft players, to be more precise over 200 players from Austria, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Slovenia and Croatia. This years scenario was also an emphasis on MIL-SIM (military simulation) theme where even the most eager airsofter's could try out in a intense 24 hour scenario during day and night with large number of interesting assignments. The skirmish itself was about the confrontation of two fictive parties, and provided a fair and feisty game.

RJAVI RIS 6 - Slovenia
Objavio Grom, 18 Oct 2009

After a short summer brake ASK Oposum is back on its feet. This time its regarding the 6th annual international airsoft event RJAVI RIS 6, which was held between 27th and 29th of August 2009 at the military polygon Pocek in Slovenia hosted by AK Salamander. This year the skirmish hosted over 300 airsoft players from Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Italy, Russia and Croatia. The event along with a large number of players offered a fair game and a high-quality scenario which lasted more then 30 hours. Along with 8 members of ASK Oposum, Croatian airsoft was represented by ASK Slavonija, ASK Gromovi and ASK Marijan.
With this opportunity We would like to thank our colleges from AK Salamander for their hospitality and reception and say We are looking forward to the RR7.

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