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Tuesday, 21 Jun 2011

Operation '' HOUSEKEEPER 2 - Razor Edge''
Objavio Grom, 21 Jun 2011

Behind the ASK Oposum is another MILSIM event, which took place 16th and 17th of April 2011 in Hungary. This was also the first event for the ASK Oposum in Hungary. The event offered excellent facilities with 32 solid objects and forested terrain, excellent dress code for both sides, variety of armored SUVs and excellent LARP with a large number of players from Bulgaria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Hungary and Croatia. Members of the ASK Oposum fought on the side of ISAF trough the scenario which was linked to the ongoing war in Afghanistan. On this occasion, we met many new colleagues in action, but also familiar old faces... in any case a positive experience, so see you next year, hoping for an even better event.
We thank all participants of the MILSIM event ‘’Housekeeper 2’’ on all the fun and fair play, and special thanks go to the organizer for the invitation and trust.

More information regarding the event, go to the forum ASK OPOSUM…LINK

Tuesday, 15 Feb 2011

Objavio Grom, 15 Feb 2011

We're waiting and finally get ''Grozny 4'' was ready weaks ago,but we just needed on 12.02.2011. go to field of PTF in Osijek.Team of Oposum's counted 10 members campaign this airsoft event who is thanks to organization teams ASK Pannonia, AT 75th ranger, AT al Quadir i AT Rmc fill out all expectations and goals.In spite of weak rain and cold weather event was campaigned by 100 members.By this way we are thanks to organizators on call,colleagues on fair and correct game during event...till next year with big anticipation of Grozny 5 big gretting from team od ASK Oposum

More informations linked for the event find on our forum ASK Oposum...LINK

Objavio Grom, 15 Feb 2011

Another airsoft event under ASK Oposum organisation named „SKOK 5“ was held on September 4th and 5th 2010. at the area of the Sports-recreational centre Kukavica.
232 airsoft players from 36 aisoft clubs and teams from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Bosnia and Herzegovina participated this event making it the largest airsoft event in Croatia ever.
Traditionally, the scenario emphasis was mil-sim subject. 24-hour stay on the field followed by many interesting tasks and missions in dark and rainy night and required many strength endurance. The scenario was resumption to the previous events named “SKOK” and based only on imaginary conflicting parties. The whole event program has progressed correctly with lot of dynamics and some funny situations.
Many thanks to all participants who enlarged the meeting with their presence. We are looking forward to meet again next year in even larger number.
For more details about the “SKOK 5” event visit our forum group page...LINK

Objavio Grom, 15 Feb 2011

After the summer break from airsoft fights the time has come for the international airsoft meeting “RJAVI RIS 7” which was held, same as last year, on the military training ground Poček in Slovenia from 27th till 29th August 2010. Six members of ASC Oposum participated this traditionally good, dynamic and fair play scenario. It was an honour and pleasure to be a part of such a large event where good company, lots of fun and entartainement with many colleagues from Croatia, Slovenia, Austria and Hungary were guaranteed.
Many thanks to the AC SALAMANDER for their hospitality.
More informations about the airsoft meeting “RJAVI RIS 7” at our forum...LINK

Thursday, 12 Aug 2010

Operation Murphy 2010
Objavio Grom, 12 Aug 2010

Sons of the Wind against the Coalition, tough fights by day and night and over a hundred airsoft players from Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia - this is a short description of what happenned in Sibinj, Croatia on 29 and 30 May 2010.
Our colleagues from Slavonia showed us once again their well-known slavonian hospitality during the 24 hour event „Operation MURPHY 2010“, organised for the first time by ASK Slavonija from Sibinj. A Milsim fight type offered a scenario with a few novelties like forcing the water barriers and desanting the troops from rubber boats. Seven members of ASK Oposum participated this event and successfully completed most of their tasks no matter to their small numbers.
Thanks to all participants of Op. Murphy for a good play and company with a special thanks to our colleagues from ASK Slavonija.

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